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    Healthy Juicing

    Feliz Juicing 🙂 Aquí tienes 5 zumos verdes que aportarán un sinfín de beneficios a tu salud física y mental. Para tener energía los días que entrenas 1/4 mango, 1/2 plátano, 2 kiwis, 1 manzana verde, 1 cucharada sopera de muesli, 2 cucharadas soperas de yogur natural Unos cuantos cubitos de hielo. Opcional: 1 cucharadita […]

    Yoga Heals Scoliosis

    A single yoga pose each day may improve spine curvature for scoliosis patients Medical New Today, by Honor Whiteman A new study claims performing a single yoga pose for 90 seconds for at least 3 days a week could reduce spine curvature in patients with scoliosis in as little as 3 months. The researchers, including […]

    The importance of Vitamin K

    Vitamins D and K2: The Little Known Fact. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin, most well known for the important role it plays in blood clotting. However, vitamin K is also absolutely essential to building strong bones and preventing heart disease, and is a crucial part of other bodily processes. Vitamin D is a critical […]

    The Ultimate Solution to Detox.

    Going Back to the Simple & Tested. “Eat slowly. Pay attention.” I can still hear it in my mind. Didn’t your parents tell you this? Didn’t they ask you to eat everything and not pick and chose? After listening to the 1 + hrs webinar on Detox and Phyto nutrients (posted below) by a doctor, […]

    Imperfect Yoga

    The Moment When Your Dog Does It Better Or a lesson of self acceptance. I get to introduce many people to yoga and trust me, most of the time it is like the above and not like the below.

    Your tongue: a mirror of your emotional state and health

      by biomanantial.com Thanks to the tongue we speak, receive food and chew, and thanks to the taste buds located in different areas, we can taste a variety of flavors and textures in foods; without the taste buds of the tongue all that one would try would be the same taste, the tongue is who […]

    Nature knows best!

    Be smart but don’t try to outsmart Nature by Antonina Ramsey, www.inharmony.yoga Our Nutrient Needs or Biochemistry is a very complex science.There is still very little know about many of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, & visible and non-visible bacteria: their function, impact on us, synthesis, production, and interactions with the rest of the body and […]

    Some of My Best Friends Are Germs

    Hannah Whitaker for The New York Times. Prop stylist: Emily Mullin. By MICHAEL POLLAN I can tell you the exact date that I began to think of myself in the first-person plural — as a superorganism, that is, rather than a plain old individual human being. It happened on March 7. That’s when I opened […]

    We are Vitamin D deficient!

    Chances are good that you’ve recently been hearing more and more regarding the controversial topic of Vitamin D, especially as the shift of Daylight Savings brings shorter hours of sunlight and, here in the Pacific Northwest and further north, significantly more cloud cover each day. There is no question about the importance of vitamin D […]

    Detox: Detox Pathways by Lacey Sethness Last week we introduced the general functions of both the liver and gall bladder in the process of detoxification. This week we take a more detailed look into each of these pathways in order to gain a more clear understanding of just how important these organs are in the […]

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