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    Did you know that our ultimate goal of being alive is to achieve joy?

    inHarmony.Yoga provides individuals, schools, companies, and organizations with engaging, enlightening, and fun Presentations, Workshops, Classes, Courses, and Retreats in English, Russian, and Spanish.
    Below are the most popular topics. However, you can chose a topic of your choice in the area of Health, Wellness, Mind, Body, Happiness, Yoga etc.
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    Mind in Harmony


    Learn how to digest life with your Mind in the best possible way. The subconscious mind can be remodeled, restructured and improved through training, practice and suggestions while the conscious mind cannot. The subconscious mind says to the conscious one- “Your wish is my command” and promptly executes it. Through the understanding of how the mind works,  imagery and visualization techniques, the subconscious mind could be induced to improve performance remarkably.

    Body in Harmony

    Learn to digest, assimilate and evacuate to take care of your physical body in the best and wise way to bring it to function the way it was design to. This state is called HOMEOSTASIS or balance. This happens when you eat the right foods, assimilate, digest and evacuate and when your mind is not in the way of this balance. 

    Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop

    Discover the fascinating world of Ayurvedic cooking and spices. Learn the secrets of staying healthy and beautiful from within with Ayurvedic nutrition.
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    Relaxation = Harmony

    Relaxation is the most important science and art you need to learn and practice in life. It is because LIFE only happens when you are relaxed (your body and your mind). Learn how to bring yourself to harmony anytime anywhere through Visualization, Meditation, and other time tested ancient & modern techniques.

    FLOW: Optimal Experience

    flow state
    Science links the state of FLOW to HAPPINESS. FLOW is an art and science of achieving happiness through the control of one’s inner life. It is a genuinely satisfying state of consciousness when moving to a meaningful goal while being happy in every moment of the process.
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    EQ. Emotional Intelligence


    When your have learned the mysteries of your mind and made it your friend through Meditation, you can use this art and skill to communicate with the world around you and others in a much more effective and harmonious way. Learn about Effortless and Effective Communication.