• 360 Wellness Retreat




    One Week of Wellness in Marbella, Spain

    Individualized total wellness program designed just for you or for the two of you!

    Wonderful beaches within a 10 minute walk, beautiful & comfortable accommodation in Antonina’s residence, holistic home-made food, relaxation massages, garden or beach yoga and meditation, transformational workshops, and holistic treatments for an economic all-inclusive price.
    Antonina is an expert in Lifestyle Medicine. She lives and breathes wellness. After almost 20 years of study, research and personal practice, she came up with her own simple and “straight to-the-point” method to be well. Her approach is science based. It doesn’t involve any deprivation, force, and miracle bullets. She has helped hundreds of people to heal, become happy, find their purpose in life, change their lifestyle to change their lives or to get rid of an illness.
    This retreat could be a start of new lifestyle habits and a new life.
    Antonina will explain, show, and practice with you to make the process of your transformation easy, doable, and sustainable over your entire life.
    After living a new type of life for a week, it will be easy for you to go back to your everyday environment and implement the basic and most important changes to really take care of your physical and mental bodies.


    SINGLE PERSON: 1500 euros

    COUPLES/GROUPS of 2 people: 2600 euros

    INCLUDED in the price:

    • 6 days/5 nights of comfortable accommodation right on the beach!
    • Private bedroom and bathroom
    • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner (delicious, detoxifying, vegetarian)
    • Daily Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation sessions
    • 2 Workshops on the Art of Relaxation, Stress Elimination, Nutrition, Emotional Balance, Lifestyle Medicine, and Detoxification).
    • Ayurvedic cooking classes
    • 2 relaxation treatments ( Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure or Relaxation Therapy. Additional sessions are @ 60 euros/session)
    • use of infinity pool and gym

    * You can also take advantage of a Genetic Saliva Test that Antonina offers (LifeGenetic of Malaga will conduct and analyze your saliva sample. This test is done for an additional discounted price. Prices vary from 130 to 200 euros.


    If you you would like to retreat to harmony, please send a confirmation email to Antonina at goinharmony@gmail.com + any questions you might have. You can book it with a 300 euros deposit via PayPal (US accounts) or a bank transfer.


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