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    Health is in your Genes. Total Health Genetic Tests. inHarmony is an authorized provider of LifeGenetic saliva based Genetic Testing. We offer various test which help you maintain and improve your health. Saliva sample is taken in person by Antonina. Then your sample is send to LifeGenetic state-of-the-art laboratory for analysis and interpretation. Your test results and recommendations come back within 2 weeks. Armed with this knowledge, Antonina will design a personalized lifestyle and health maintenance or restoration program for you.
    We offer the following 5 categories of genetic tests:

    1. DetoxiGenetic

    2. SkinGenetic

    3. NutriGenetic

    4. OncoGenetic

    5. CardioGenetic

    6. DentalGenetic

    7. SportGenetic

    8. EnfGenetic (testing for rare diseases)

    Prices vary. Please inquire about the tests and prices at goinharmony@gmail.com


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