Holistic therapies offered:


    Ayurvedic Consultations

    h-onlife1After taking to you, taking your pulse, and reviewing your personal health status + I will design an individualized holistic plan for you that will create a shift in your life, a more positive relationship with food, your body and your mind to achieve those big goals. I will coach you through and always be there for you for in-person or skype consultations, weekly accountability check ins and full email support. Recipes, resources, grocery list and supplement suggestions will also be given. Learn more »


    Hypnotherapy Sessions

    t300x182In just a few sessions you can achieve the results of working with a psychologist (talk therapy). It is because Clinical Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious and accesses the subconscious mind, where suppressed memories, repressed emotions, and forgotten events may remain recorded. Like an old record or a computer program, they plan in your subconscious mind provoking unwanted behaviors or reactions in a person. Hypnosis may facilitate behavioral, emotional, or attitudinal change such as weight loss, old trauma release, or smoking cessation. It is also used to treat phobias, stress, and serves as complimentary medicine in the treatment of illness.
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    Jin Shin Jyutstu Energy Healing (Acupuncture without needles)

    indian-head-massageJin Shin Jyutsu Energy Medicine is a form of touch therapy. This sophisticated Japanese Acupressure technique and art is an ancient form of complimentary medicine. This system of energy healing is similar to Acupuncture in its approach and application. Practitioner uses her fingers (rather than needles) on specific points along the main body energy channels (there are 144,000 of them) to treat any kind of physical or mental dis-harmonies such as anxiety and stress, aches and pains, menstrual cramps, arthritis etc.  This therapy has been proven by medical research to be extremely effective in mitigating patients’ Cancer side effects.
    It is also used to facilitate emotional release. If you feel off balance, blocked, burdened, heavy or overly attached to events, mistaken obligations or circumstances. When you want to learn and rediscover your gifts and talents, to interact rather then react, heal rather than cope and move forward more peacefully. Learn More »