Yoga Alliance Certified

    200 Yoga Teacher Training

    Yoga for Health & Ayurveda

    by inHarmony.Yoga & AyurYoga Institute

    in Spain and India

    Travel. Learn. Grow. 

    This was so much more than just a 200 hour teacher training course. Antonina’s totally unique and engaging teaching style offers a thorough and complete view of all the aspects to becoming a teacher. She has an amazing way of connecting all the holistic sciences, the human anatomy, physiology and the philosophy of Yoga to real life and real people. And not to mention the cooking! Antonina is an amazing cook, she lovingly prepares balanced and beautiful meals and teaches you exactly how to cook, eat and live in a balanced, harmonised way. Not only have I come away with my teacher training certificate, I have come away with a life changing experience.  ~ Georgie M., UK

    This Teacher Training Program is a harmonious blend of two ancient mind-body sciences of health and harmony – Yoga and Ayurveda. During this course students become prepared to not only teach consciously and skillfully designed balanced general yoga classes but more importantly –  to apply Yoga as health and wellness modality in one-on-one and speciality small group settings.

    In this course, you will learn how to apply Yoga in an intelligent and tailored way selecting specific breathing practices, asanas, relaxation and visualization techniques to your clients based on their unique Ayurvedic Constitution (Dosha), physiology, state of health, lifestyle, physical condition, and their interests, goals, and needs.

    This program is unique and different from other Yoga Teacher Courses.  The teaching is based on Classical Hatha, Tantra, and Kriya Yoga, Ayurveda, Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy healing, and Hypnotherapy.  Antonina believes in connecting all training material to real life situations making the science and art of Yoga alive, practical and applicable in your personal life and in your future yoga teaching work.
    This 200 hour course is the foundation for the upcoming in 2018 300 hr (500 hours total) Advance Yoga for Health and Ayurveda Teacher Training. It is also the beginning of your exploration of Yoga as a holistic modality.
    In addition to learning a great amount of extremely useful and practical material, you are encouraged to use your newly acquired knowledge, intuition and creativity to chose the most appropriate tools within the system of Yoga for each person and situation.

    There are no copious amounts of physical yoga postures in this course as it can easily get one out of balance. It is not a yoga “bootcamp” nor it is a large group “yoga sweatshop”.
    There is just the right amount of posture practice, methodology, philosophy, anatomy and physiology learned through discussions, reading, testing, and application of material. Rest and enjoying yourself is a very important part of the course. There are no day offs. We work every day in a flowing, relaxed way in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere of a small family that we create during the course. Learning happens all day long, even when we eat and chill out. We often take our meditation practice, discussions and yoga classes to the beautiful gardens or the beach.
    Upon successful completion of the course, you receive your Yoga Teacher Certification recognised by Yoga Alliance.
    The training is done in an intimate atmosphere of a small group in order to dedicate more time to each student and adapt it to the students’ goals, needs and abilities.

    I had been wanting to take my 200hr Yoga Teacher training for a while and have walked away with more than what I could have asked for. Beyond the extensive and thorough knowledge you will attain from this course, Antonina has the skill of introducing such diverse, rich and complex concepts in a way that ignites an inherent interest and curiosity within you that you will carry with you thought your own practice. Could not be happier with my experience. Thank you once again! ~ Brenda Costa, New York

    You will practice the actual teaching of yoga more than in any other training.
    At the end of the course, each student will prepare and teach (usually in a group of 2 people) one intermediate and one beginner class.
    Also, there is an additional 20 hours of teaching yoga practicum after you complete the in-person training. People love doing it! You get to immediately apply all the knowledge and techniques you acquire during the course and practice it on your family and friends. The number of people you chose to teach is up to you. When you are done, you email Antonina one simple document whe describing the classes you designed and gave to your clients plus your clients’ age, lifestyle,  physical condition and feedback. You will receive feedback from Antonina on your taught classes. This way you stay supported in the beginning stages of your yoga teaching path.

    I was unsure in the beginning. Spending my entire vacation and savings for this course. But now as it is over, I don’t regret doing this course even for a second. I would even pay more for it!
    I am a university teacher myself and I had no idea that one could learn and retain this much incredibly useful information. It made me understand so much about my mind and body and human psyche in general. It simply changed my attitude to life.  ~ Anna S., Switzerland


    Please get in touch with Antonina at goinharmony@gmail.com for more information on the dates and availability.

    Groups and atmosphere

    Small groups from 6 – 8 people. Non-competitive, cozy, and home-like atmosphere. Living together in a beautiful luxury urbanisation by the sea in a spacious home with large shared bedrooms and bathrooms. Enjoy quality accommodation and amazing delicious home-made vegetarian delivered daily meals.

    Thank you always for the experience you have given to us. The intensity of  full submersion is what I will never forget, the lessons from your deep collection of knowledge and the family we had during this time. And the food!!!!! Aye!  A shift in understanding has happened, and I’m most sure this is something you hear without exception from all those you have taught.  Thank you thank you thank you always for this.  Love to you, dear teacher! xxxx ~ Molly P., UK


    This training is done in beautiful Southern Spain on Costa del Sol in Estepona. Costa del Sol mountains and Mediterranean sea will provide an excellent environment for a total-immersion experience in the ancient art and science of Yoga.

    You will enjoy quality comfortable villa type accommodation within a short walk to a beautiful beach. The training place depends on the time of the year, high/low tourist season, and the number of people in the group.

    Occasional fall and winter trainings are done in Haridwar/Rishikeshi, India. Trainings in India take place in an Ayurvedic Centre where you can also stay for a deep Ayurvedic detox Panchakarma before or after the training and study Ayurveda.

    It is not only a training. It is also a long vacation, personal transformation, and an unforgettable experience of living and connecting with kindred souls in one of the most beautiful places in Mediterranean Spain or exotic and spiritual Northern India.


    О нас

    Antonina Ramsey is a Yoga Alliance Certified experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist. She is also a Holistic Health expert practicing Ayurveda, Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Medicine, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Healing. She is fascinated by human physiology, mind, and the miracles of transformation. Please read more about Antonina here.

    Antonina will be available through the training to answer questions and to support students to overcome difficulties they may encounter as well as to facilitate the development of each student as a competent yoga teacher.

    In India, Antonina teaches the course with two doctors of Ayurveda  – Dr. Vivek Mohindra and Dr. Latika Verma, both BAMs of Ayurveda.

    Teaching material

    You can save your money. There is no need to buy books for this course except one book. Students will be given most of the books that will cover all the necessary teaching material. Material will be sent via email before the course. Please do not print this material, bring your reading device.

    Never found as apt as today to apply this one to myself. Pure Mindfulness Gold. So simple but not so easy in real life. I’ve learned in my YTT from Antonina Ramsey about the consciousness of Appraisal, Reaction & Response to negativity, which is my biggest taking. Negativities are never nice but it’s only through challenges and bumps on the path that lead you to see that pretty yellow brick road.  ~ Victoria Chan blog, UK

    Material covered:

    Asana not only for the Body but for the Mind
    Pranayama as the foundation of Yoga
    Teaching Pranayama
    Meditation using various simple and effective techniques
    Teaching Meditation
    Visualisation as a healing tool
    Using Shamanic Healing and Hypnotherapy Techniques in yoga sessions
    Mudra, Yantra, Mantra
    Your personal and clients’ Sadhana (daily personal practice) design
    Sequence design and application for various client profiles
    Anatomy & Physiology
    Subtle Yogic Physiology
    Yoga Philosophy and Human Psychology
    Tantra Philosophy and Stress Management
    System of Chakras as an Emotional Balance tool
    Yoga and Modern Science
    Biomechanics of Stretching
    Principles of Ayurveda
    Principles of Ayurvedic nutrition and Dosha balancing
    Ayurvedic Yoga

    Training Cost

    We provide luxury style accommodation close to the beach, quality healthy vegetarian food and friendly small-group environment.

    There are 2 options/packages available:
    1. All-inclusive residential course + accommodation + food
    2. Non-residential course + breakfast + lunch. You take care and pay for your accommodation (e.g.,airbnb) and dinners.

    May – September accommodation prices (high tourist season) on the Mediterranean coast of Spain are higher than winter prices.
    Deposits of 450 euros are refundable 90 days or more prior to the beginning of the course. The deposit is transferable to any other inHarmony Yoga course (there is no time limit).
    Full amount is due on the 1st day of the course.
    We offer 2 people and group discounts.
    It is cheaper to book directly with Antonina than via booking sites.
    Please inquire about prices and booking your place in the course at goinharmony@gmail.com.


    You will love the food! It is fresh and healthy home-made every day.  It is ovo-lacto-vegetarian.
    During this course, vegetarians truly enjoyed the food and those who who were not vegetarians before the course fell in love with vegetarian food. They had no idea vegetarian food could be so delicious and varied.

    Our food consists of a variety of healthy dishes made from local and fresh vegetables, fruit, legumes, grains (organic as much as possible), whole bread, eggs, seeds and nuts, and some dairy products like fresh cheese and yogurt.  We try to adjust our food for vegans and people with food allergies as much as we can.
    People with serious food intolerances should discuss food options before they register for the course.


    A booking deposit is required. Groups are small and booking in advance is recommended. Summer groups fill up by the end of January/beginning of February. The total training and accommodation amount must be paid on the 1st day of the training.
    Before accepting a student into the course, Antonina personally meets everybody on Skype or Facetime to get to know each other, answer questions, and manage expectations in order to secure the most comfortable, friendly, and relaxing atmosphere for all during the training.


    Please connect with Antonina on skype (Skype name: antoshka555) or email Antonina with any questions at goinharmony@gmail.com.


    Daily Schedule

    Approximate daily schedule. It will depend on the winter/summer season.

    7:30 – meditation
    8:00 – morning yoga session or personal asana
    9:15 – breakfast
    10:00 – study time
    13:30 – lunch + free or self-study time
    15:00 – study time
    19:00 dinner
    free time, beach time, self-study/reading time, occasional group meditation or discussions

    *We study at all times even while cooking, talking, cleaning, walking etc. in a relaxed, flowing way…
    Some evening time reading will be required for the following day.


    Disclaimer: the yoga therapy components of our course are based on Antonina Ramsey’s training in Yoga Therapy with IAYT and various Ayurvedic Studies, not derived from our status as an RYS® with Yoga Alliance Registry.”